Jesse Stockwell – Finovate Spring 2015


LoanNow Unveils Group-Signing at Finovate Spring 2015


I’ve been fortunate to experience many cool moments in my two decades of entrepreneurship.  Recently, LoanNow (for which I’m co-founder and lead investor) gave me yet another moment that ranks among the coolest.   I joined my fellow co-founders at Finovate, Silicon Valley’s legendary tech and finance conference, where we unveiled our latest innovation: LoanNow’s Group-Signing.

Group-Signing expands upon our mission to revolutionize subprime lending – finally bringing fair, affordable and transparent loans to consumers with less-than-perfect credit.

And a tip of the hat to my partners, Harry Langenberg and Miron Lulic, for delivering a sterling presentation on stage!

To see Group-Signing in action, check out this video from the event: